Terms & Conditions

Rental Conditions

1. By renting any of our rental items you indicate that you accept our Terms & Conditions as detailed below.

2. The rental price only applies to consecutive days.

3. Bad weather conditions or other hindrances do not constitute grounds for release from rental charges.

4. In the event of illness or injury of the rental customer during the rental period, upon presentation of a physician's attestation, the following conditions will apply: a)  rental equipment is to be returned immediately b) no rental charges will be assessed as of the date indicated on the physician's attestation. c)  credit or refund for already paid rental charges for those days subsequent to the date of the physician's attestation.

5. Failure to present a physician's attestation in the event of illness or accident will mean that rental charges remain payable in full.

6. Rental items may not be transferred to third parties.

7. Rental items are not insured against breakage or theft. In the event of theft, a police report must be presented and the following deductibles will apply:

PLATIN Classstarts from € 350,-
GOLD & SNOWBOARD Classstarts from € 250,-
SILBER & BRONCE Classstarts from € 150,-
Polesstarts from € 30,-

For all other articles, the customer must reimburse their fair value! The aforementioned deductibles only apply if the customer presents a police report, otherwise the fair value of the item must be reimbursed.


Customers have the opportunity to insure items rented from us. This would mean that, if items are stolen or if they are damaged by the insuree, no deductible would be due.

8. Insurance Conditions
a) In the event of theft of a rental item, the crime must be reported immediately to the responsible police authorities where the crime took place!
b) Without an official police report, the insurance policy is not valid!
c) Insurance only becomes effective after payment in full of the insurance premium!
d) Insurance is only valid from the commencement of the rental period for a maximum period of 14 days, and only applies to those items rented by the insuree from Ski Service Center Hubert Kröll.
e) Insurance is specific to the individual and may not be transferred to a third party!
f) This insurance does not cover theft from immovable spaces (basement ski storage facility, etc.) and from apréski-bar areas.

9. In the event of willful equipment damage, the rental customer will be charged for repair costs.

10. Equipment rented out after 3 p.m. will only be billed as of the next calendar day.

11. We assume no liability whatsoever for accidents of any kind.

12. Rental charges are set forth in the rates posted on our website and are based on the equipment category chosen by the customer and the selected rental dates. Our prices include all taxes at the prevailing rate for the rental period in question.

13. Payment is always on-site at the branch in question (Zell am Ziller) by means of credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DINERS), EC-Maestro Card or in cash.

14. Cancelations
In the event of illness or accident within the rental period, the rental conditions will remain in effect. Only the equipment of the person directly effected can be returned and charged according to the number of days actually used (only upon presentation of a physician's attestation and return of the rental items).

15. Personal Information 
Ski Service Center Hubert Kröll makes use of personal data for specific business purposes and in compliance with legal statutes. Information provided for rental purposes is for delivery and processing of the contract. This information is treated by us in confidence and not shared with any third parties who are not involved with the ordering, issuing or payment processes.

16. Seat of jurisdiction is Zell am Ziller borough court.


Hit the slopes with a secret weapon in your boots!

-Increased comfort, responsiveness and  feedback     

-Improve stability and strength    

-Reduce shock and impact on muscles,  joints and tendons    

-Reduce muscle fatigue     

-Keep feet warm    

-Support your feet naturally

Location in Mayrhofen


- Ski rental directly on the pists
- Ski and boot storage
- Warm and dry boots every morning
- No more hassle of carrying around Skis
- Change material anytime
- Best sales advice



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Location Zillertal Arena


- Ski rental next to the valley station
- Ski and boot storage
- Warm and dry boots every morning
- No more hassle of carrying around Skis
- Change material anytime
- Best sales advice



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